El Yogurt Place

El Yogurt Place


Hello my people!

What a wonderful day! What fabulous weather! What a great breakfast treat! I hope you all had a day as awesome as mine!¬†And that’s a pretty tall order considering how totally AMAZING this day was.

Today a very good friend of mine treated me to breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants here in Playas: El Yogurt Place. Everything they serve at El Yogurt Place is 100% natural, made fresh, as healthy as possible, and seasoned with just a few natural herbs and spices. Instead of your typical salt and pepper shakers on each table, you will find a shaker of Vege-Sal (known in the USA as “Spike”). They bring a basket of toast to each table with butter and a delicious pumpkin spread (which I will be replicating in the near future… I could seriously eat this on everything… including a spoon… every day). Many meals are served with a choice of about a third or half of a perfectly-ripe avocado (pictured), a cup of natural beans, or a generous serving¬†of sauteed nopales (known in parts of the United States as prickly pear). ¬†Oksana ordered a large agua de fresa and the turkey melt, with sauteed onions and bell peppers and thick-sliced smoked turkey breast, all melted into toasted bread with a layer of deliciously gooey cheese. ¬†I opted for my favorite (not-so-healthy) Mexican breakfast: chilaquiles verdes con pollo.


Chilaquiles is not an everyday Honest Oats kind of breakfast. Chilaquiles warrants a special occasion, a lazy brunch, or a weekday outing with your young and fabulous red-headed kindred spirit. This delicious meal consists of a plateful of piping hot totopos (fresh corn tortillas cut and fried¬† ¬†not your typical “tortilla chips”) and shredded chicken, drenched in warm, tangy, tomatillo salsa, sprinkled generously with crumbled queso cotija (a salty, pungent dry Mexican cheese), then piled high with fresh mixed greens and topped with a double-portion¬†of thick sour cream. ¬†Mmmm yum! ¬†Just shake some of that Vege-Sal on there, cut into my avocado, and I’m good to go! ¬†As if¬†that wasn’t just perfect on its own, I also enjoyed a refreshing glass of all-natural fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit juice, included with the meal. ¬†Man, oh man do I love this place!

El Yogurt Place has everything going for it ¬†¬†friendly wait staff, healthy and natural DELICIOUS food and drinks (aside from the fried chips and sour cream, of course. I think I ordered the fattiest plate on the menu. But oh, so good), and spectacular views! ¬†Aside from the full restaurant they also have a juice bar and pastry counter, a small natural products store, and an eclectic coffee shop. ¬†Not enough for ya? ¬†Then you’ll love to know they have many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as well. ¬†In fact, even if you’re not on any special diet, you might still¬†order one of these options just because they’re so dang tasty! Who needs bread at every meal anyway? Not me! Not the people of Mexico! If you’re in Playas or you ever make the trip south of the border, you’ve got to visit El Yogurt Place for a nutritious, delicious breakfast or lunch.

The atmosphere at El Yogurt Place is cozy and classy, and if you’re extra special you might just get a friendly “hello” from the resident cat. This place is the bees knees!

El Yogurt Place Pumpkin Spread

photos captured by the lovely oksana paulette young

Speaking of bees… I can’t wait to get together my “Honestly Healthy” post all about bee pollen for you! ¬†Soon…. very soon….