Oh, the Places I’ve Been!


Portland Aerial Tram

view from the “flying car,” @PortlandTram. my sister’s photo.

Yes, I’ve been away.  I got to visit all the best places and people.  I got to meet my brand new nephew and hang out with my 2-year-old protĂ©gĂ©. It was fabulous. I can’t wait to tell you about it!

grandmass birthplace

grandma’s birthplace


orchard in grandma’s hometown

Oh, the People I’ve Seen!


my favorite tiny princess fingers and toes

I had such high hopes.  So many plans and ideas. I was going to bring you with me on this journey.  So what happened?  Well, I DID do most of the things I had set out to do on this trip, and I photographed all of it.  But it AMAZES ME how completely impossible it is to sit down for some peace and quiet with a laptop when toddlers and babies are in the house.  It also amazes me how COMPLETELY SAPPED of energy a person is at the end of a day with said little people. When I nannied and babysat as a teenager I had hours of boredom even after cleaning, finishing my homework, and watching a few episodes on Food Network.  What happened?  And how do parents do this full-time?  Oh, did I mention that I was the third adult in this house?  I feel like an incredibly inferior human right about now. Maybe 30 really does mean something…


grandma’s neighborhood bunny


…and the brand new baby prince!

Oh, the Things I’ve Discovered!

fancy sugar for your coffee?

fancy sugar for your coffee anyone?

cactus flower

daddy’s cactus flower







Not to worry.  All of the recipes and posts I dreamed up will be coming your way very shortly!


The old and the new… can you guess which is which?